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If either are true, then the result is true, otherwise it is false. Delphi is a better deisgned language, less prone to bugs, C++ has more market share. I'm a Delphi programmer, but I knew C first. I've been reading a book on C++. The author frequently points out traps that can allow bugs to get past the compiler which in Delphi would not have happened. I think it Delphi Import Units Using a C DLL in Delphi is most often done by writing an import Unit. All declarations of the exported routines as well as all types and constants used or returned by these routines go into the Interface part of the Unit, the Implementation part only consists of a list of external statements for the exported routines. With operands of a class-reference type, C = D is True just in case C and D denote the same class, and C <> D is True otherwise.

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Då är du kanske fullstack utvecklaren som vi letar efter! Tjänsten är på ett häftigt bolag med placering i  Mjukvaruutvecklare: Delphi. Ansök Mar 22 S.P.M. Instrument AB Mjukvaruutvecklare. SPM Instrument i Strängnäs utvecklar, producerar, marknadsför och säljer  Programmet är utvecklat i Delphi Studio med SERVER databas. erbjuder dig att tillsammans med 15 kollegor i Piteå jobba med varierande uppgifter inom C#. C# (engelska: C-sharp, försvenskning: C-kors) är ett objektorienterat programspråk från Borland där han skapat TurboPascal och varit chefsarkitekt för Delphi.

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It is probably easier to compare C# or even C++ to Delphi. Delphi is probably better for making large, complex apps, but .NET languages are more popular and are often easier to use than lower-level languages. If you are a beginning programmer, I would recommend that you use something like C# or Java more than Delphi, but I'd use Delphi over VB. C# 2013, Delphi XE6, and Python 3.4 are the newest and most popular programming languages. These programming languages become more popular every passing day.

Delphi or c#

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C#'s is based on the C family, which well was not.

Delphi or c#

Accepted answer mentions syntax here, well C# syntax is similar to both PHP and Java, so if you want to get up and running quicker from either of those backgrounds, then C# has the edge. Productivity, I think you get more done quicker in C#. C# was created from Delphi because Delphi is better. Just compare the latest version of Embarcadero Delphi and the latest version of C#. But if you want to work as a Windows programmer, C# … The Delphi and C# languages are reasonably similar (both were designed by the same person). C# has generics, attributes and better handling of interfaces. Delphi (Object Pascal) has much better structure, class referencing, mathematical sets, data modules and so forth. had C# available, needed to learn it for work regardless, and he preferred it anyway, it made sense to use C#. An additional consideration is that not everyone has Visual Studio *and* Delphi. I personally had a hard enough time justifying one investment of time and money when I got Delphi… > So maybe C# can be a good thing if its 'Delphi based', or not.
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Delphi or c#

Reduce development time and get to market faster with RAD Studio, Delphi, or C++Builder.

I ended up wrapping the delphi code in a dll and then load the dll inside of the c# application. At first i tried different ways of passing data to and from the dll. Sadly it was not possible to straight up exchange objects between c# and delphi so i had to find other ways.
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Har du ett brinnande intresse för utveckling i C# och .net? Då är du kanske fullstack utvecklaren som vi letar efter!

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I would go with MS C#  May 27, 2020 Net, Java, x86, ARM and WebAssembly. So their whole podcast on “how to port Delphi applications to C#” is absurd, because that's not how you  NET Framework Runtime or SDK before you install the Delphi for . Aggregate types such as Delphi records (or C# structures) are known as value classes  18 Net Developer With Delphi Programming Experience jobs available on Apply to Software Developer, Full Stack Developer, Senior Software   Jul 27, 2017 In fact, WinForms and C# feel so familiar to Delphi Developers it's an easy transition.

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Both share a great 2-way RAD form designer and framework (VCL) that are ideal for native Windows development. Delphi, definitely: Simplicity - Delphi's syntax is based on Pascal, which was explicitly designed to be easy to learn, and it can deliver on that promise. C#'s is based on the C family, which well was not. Productivity - Delphi is a descendant of Turbo Pascal, and it still has the fastest compiler known to man, which will boost your Smart Beacons and e.t.c. Moreover, you might find amazing other single board computers and lots of available options to develop projects with SBCs. Be sure to watch the whole session and share it! Reduce development time and get to market faster with RAD Studio, Delphi, or C++Builder.

Delphi XE6 is 1.14  Delphi and C#. Version: This content is based on Microsoft C# 2008 and were tested in Microsoft In C# commands and variable names are case sensitive. He was the original author of Turbo Pascal and the chief architect of Delphi. He currently works for Microsoft as the lead architect of C# and core developer on  Delphi is a software product that uses the Delphi dialect of the Object Pascal programming language and provides an integrated development environment ( IDE)  No. Firstly because C# is well, C# and Delphi is Pascal based, a language with similar roots, but which is not related in any practical way. You just need to get over Pascal-style syntax instead of C-style, and you are just as productive in it as if you were using C#. Why is Delphi still hanging on? Apr 15, 2017 4 Answers · Delphi requires memory management, so you could argue that alone makes C# simpler.